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Elegant, gorgeous, makeup for a glammed look

Séchoir is here to help you achieve your best look, whether for a special event, lunch with a business client or girls’ night out. Our team of makeup artists will have you looking fabulous and ready to shine in no time.

Upper & Lower $375
Upper or Lower $299
Touch-Up $149
Microblading $649
Hairstrokes $599
Microblading & Powdering $750
Microblading & Shading $800
Touch-Up $149
Upper & Lower $449
Upper or Lower $345
Touch-Up $149
Lip Liner $375
Full Lip Color $500
Lip Blushing $500
Touch-Up $149
At Séchoir, our goal is to provide you with quality service and illuminate your best look possible. Our services include eyebrow microblading and powdering, eyeliner, lip liner, full lip color, and correctional work for all semi-permanent cosmetic procedures. Our services are provided in a sanitary and relaxing environment. Semi-permanent makeup allows you to:
  • Accentuate your facial features to add expression to your eyes with a smudge-free, waterproof eyeliner
  • Add definition to eyebrows with natural-looking, hair-like strokes
  • Define your lip line and add fullness and color to your lips
  • Enjoy lip color that complements your skin and hair tones
  • Say goodbye to smudging, fading, streaking and flaking of makeup
  • Increase your confidence by waking up looking beautiful every morning
Semi-permanent make-up is a method of applying natural pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. It has been medically designed for safe, semi-permanent application. This technique is used for enhancement of eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and lip color. It can also be used to treat skin irregularities and scars. Microblading is a new tattoo technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by drawing on tiny lines that look like individual hairs. It is done with a handheld tool that puts pigment into the skin but doesn’t go as deep as a normal tattoo would. This is beneficial for clients who:
  • Are active and want to save time
  • Have allergies to make-up
  • Are physically incapable of applying make-up
  • Wish to correct asymmetrical facial features
Get in touch with us today by calling 703-698-8162, and we can tell you all there is to know about microblading and semi-permanent makeup in Vienna, Virginia.

Séchoir stands out not only with our exceptional and master team, dedicated to each one of their guests, but also by offering top-of-the line technology and only the newest and best services on the market and in the industry today.